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New York - September 2, 2012

Met my friend Brandi as her mom's place and dropped off my car. Brandi's mom nicely agreed to watch it for me while we were gone.

Headed for the airport and made it through security with no problems. Sat in the middle in row 2 on the plane (easy to get out!). Ended up watching Hoarders the whole way there.

Getting off the plan in Newark, NJ, we grabbed our luggage and rode the skytrain to the adjoining train station. The skytrain was actually pretty ingenious. Unmanned trains that run between all the parts of the airport including parking. One train every 4 minutes.

30 minute train ride from Newark to Penn Station, New York! You get a pretty good view of New York on your way in too before you head underground.

Hitting street level we found our way to our hotel eventually. Macy's was easy to find, and Madison Square Gardens became our main point of direction, as it was directly across the street from our hotel.

The New Yorker hotel has a long history and is quite beautiful. Our room was on the 22nd floor in the corner facing the river. I didn't find it too small, and the beds were super comfortable!

Like so.

Melissa and her boyfriend Mike came down to the hotel to drop off some tourist guides and take us for dinner. It was great to see Melissa again! She's just as sweet and wonderful as ever!

Mel and Mike took us down to a tiny Mexican restaurant in the back of a Mexican grocery store. Three amazing tacos later they walked us down to Times Square!

Wouldn't think there was a restaurant in here, would you?

Brandi and I with tacos!


Times Square!

So pretty (and busy!) at night!

It's huge and glorious and bright and wild! Batman, Iron Man, Papa Smurf, Alvin and Elmo were all there goofing off and taking photos with people.

Mel and Mike walked us back to the hotel and we went to bed!

The New Yorker.
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