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I Who Wear the Mask of an Adult

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Hello! I am a Canadian University graduate interested in Sociology, writing, reading, fanfiction, Jrock, and generally Japan. ^^ Back home in Canada after 2 years in Japan. Found my dream job in the Market Research industry.

Dir en grey - Zepp Fukuoka - October 13, 2005
Gackt - Fukuoka Sun Palace - December 1, 2005
Gazette - Drum Be-7 - March 10, 2006
Plastic Tree - Drum Be-1 - April 1, 2006
イヴ(Eve) / BERLIN / hysteric / ダイス(Dice) / Garo - Holiday Osaka - May 3, 2006
Bloody Mary / グルグル映畫館 / King / Scar - Osaka Muse - May 26, 2006
12012 - Drum Son - June 5, 2006
B'z - Fukuoka Yahoo Dome - July 29, 2006
A'Nation Fukuoka - August 5, 2006
羅眼惡, GaneiciA, D→gaze, INSANITY FRONTIER, ダヴィル, 螺旋錠 - Fukuoka Beat Station - August 13, 2006
ナイトメア - Drum Logos - September 30, 2006
イナズマアタックNo.1 / ビリー / 七三式 / Rabbit / Transtic Nerve / Scar. - Kobe MERSEY BEAT - October 6, 2006
King - Osaka Holiday - October 7, 2006
Dir en grey - Namba Hatch - October 9, 2006
Plastic Tree - Drum Be-1 - December 3, 2006
Gazette - メルパルクホール Fukuoka - December 15, 2006
Dir en grey - Hiroshima Club Quattro - December 16, 2006
An Cafe - Drum Be-9 - January 13, 2007
An Cafe Hand-shake Event - Fukuoka SKULLROSE - January 14, 2007
Merry / Balzac - Shibuya O-East - February 24, 2007
ナイトメア Talk-Live - Fukuoka IMS Hall - March 10, 2007
Dir en grey - メルパルクホール Fukuoka - March 20, 2007
An Cafe - Drum Be-1 - March 24, 2007
ナイトメア - Hiroshima Club Quattro - April 21, 2007
ナイトメア Tour De Japon Event - Canal City Fukuoka - June 10, 2007
Buck-Tick - Zepp Fukuoka - June 23, 2007
An Cafe - Fukuoka Drum Logos - July 8, 2007
GazettE - Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan - August 15, 2007
SHAZNA - Tokyo Ebisu Liquid Room - August 19, 2007
SID - Hibiya Kokaido - April 11, 2009
Dir en grey - Zepp Tokyo - April 22, 2009
Dir en grey - Nippon Budokan - January 10, 2010
X Japan - Queen Elizabeth Theater - October 3, 2010

My Writing:
Disclaimer: Yes, I write Jrock fanfiction, yes it involves boyXboy love, no I don't care if you think I'm a sick freak.
The older stuff is at the top of the list, the newer/better stuff is at the bottom.

  • Dignity-Gackt Job- Ren asks You for permission to look after Gackt on night after a concert.

  • Vampy-boy-Gackt Job- You scolds Gackt about over working and its dire consequences, for them both.

  • Abandoned
    Chapter1. Chapter2. Chapter3. Chapter4. Chapter5. Chapter6. Chapter7. Chapter8. Chapter9. Chapter10. Chapter11. Chapter12. Chapter13. Abandoned Bloopers
    -All bands- A mad vampire turns humans without thought or care. Angels and demons are forced to exist side by side as the line between them starts to blur.

  • Amethyst and Amber-Dir en grey & Plastic Tree - Prequal - A lost highschool student befriends his eccentric young neighbour. An abandoned young man is coaxed out of his hospital bed.

  • Samui-Luna Sea- Prequal - J was rescued from the rain once, he knows what it feels like, besides, humans give up too easy.

  • Betrayal-L'arc en ciel- Prequal - Vampire hunter, descendant of generations of the same, and the vampire that changed him.

  • Tribute-My poem for hide.

  • Kizuiteiru-X Japan & Dir en grey- Yoshiki returns to Japan to collect Dir En Grey who is finally being released after Emperor Hiroshi Flash Dried them.

  • Kizuiteiru/Plastic Tree-Plastic Tree-Tadashi and Sasabutchi put Akira into a mental institution in the hopes that he'll speak again...

  • Petto-Dir en grey- Ever wondered what would happen if your dog was on the other side of the leash?

  • Briar Rose-Pierrot- It's weird, it's twisted, it's short, but it's Kirito and Aiji. Doujinshi by LooneyLucifer: Cover / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

  • Ongakuka-Dir en grey- A young military captain rescues a travelling bard. Craving music for himself he offers the bard a position in the palace.

  • Pop-Dir en grey- wrote this for a Mailing List Sweatshop. (As in here's an idea, write a quick fanfic, send it in) It was something like "Random guy's partner has an embarrasing habit" and here's my ToshiyaXKaoru submission.

  • Puss-In-Boots-Dir en grey- Shinya is compelled to go to a Masked Halloween Party with Toshiya, and is quickly abandoned. He finds himself dancing with a cute Phantom Frat Boy, until the party is crashed.

  • Car-Pierrot- It is said when Pierrot was still in Indies they would all sleep in one car together...

  • Last Minute Gift-Miyavi & Dir en grey- Miyabi gets a shocking surprise visit on Christmas Eve, and Kaoru finds a last minute gift under his tree Christmas Morning.

  • Shattered-Gackt Job - Masa is rescued from Mana and adoped by Gackt who is just forming his solo career.

  • SweatShop-Pierrot - Kirito returns home from University to learn his parents sold his little brother.

  • Ryu-Dir en grey - Young Kaoru works for a prestigeous brothel, but his life is turned upside down when he mistakenly rescues a dragon.

  • Creative Juices-Miyavi, The GazettE-Miyabi entertains an unexpected visit from Reita before a P&SC concert.

  • Emergancy Job-The GazettE-Ruki's cleaning agency gets called into clean up after a rich-people's party. He wasn't expecting any of the residents to be home.

  • No One in Their Right Mind-The GazettE-Uruha breaks out of the "unrequited love" cliche.

  • Grey Wing - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Deleted Scenes and Bloopers-Dir en grey-Kaoru graduates from a futuristic flight school and is given his first Wing of fighter pilots. He must somehow get the band of varied personalities to work together.

  • Don't Fret, Pet-The GazettE-Ruki confronts Reita on his seemingly misplaced anger after a live.

  • In the Still Thereafter-The GazettE-The sun rises after thier first night together.

  • Click-Flash-Dir en grey-For the making of the WARE photo-book all the members of Dir en grey were given a digital camera.

  • It Feels Like a Confession-The GazettE-‘Only if I initiated it’, that was what I asked of them four years ago. They’d respected my wishes, stating they didn’t want to be known for their fan-service anyways.

  • Under the Jeans-The GazettE-Ruki’s eyes narrowed. “Because I’m not your fucking maid, Rei. I wanted to see how long it would take before you got off your ass and did something around here.”

  • Living Off Each Other-Dir en grey-“This is the last album, the last songs. I’m finished.” Kaoru’s gaze was deadly serious as Die stubbed out his cigarette and stood. “I can’t do anymore, there’s nothing left in me.”

  • Modori Bridge-Dir en grey-“This is Modori Bridge, right?” Toshiya asked and then continued at Kaoru’s nod. “There are many folk tales about this bridge. Apparently a hideous demon haunts the area, luring in hapless travelers and devouring them.”

  • Oh yeah? Well fuck you too!-The GazettE-Aoi frowned at the kiss; Uruha even smelled like that horrible champagne. “I said ‘I’m busy’, Uruha.” With one hand he pushed the taller man out of the way. “Take your champagne to bed, maybe if you ask nicely it’ll fuck you.”

  • Decisions -Dir en grey-To Toshiya, it may as well have been displayed on a neon sign; Die and Kaoru were getting sex…lots of sex…and Toshiya wasn’t. For the DXK Xmas Exchange; must be a DxK community member to view. I will rectify this as soon as possible.